Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stop and Stare

Just like Helen of Troy who was said to be the woman who launched a thousand ships, 
this look of mine certainly did engage hundreds of fashion critics. 
Of course, some good and some bad. Haters gonna hate (kidding!)

So my Peg here is actually Gossip Girl. 
Something fun, sexy and daring I must say.

For me, being a true fashionista is someone who can carry just about anything
 and still feel good with herself.

I wore this outfit to Glorietta and believe it or not, I felt like a star being chased by Paparazzis :))
Haha! Every time I walk pass by someone, they would automatically look back and stare at me 
from head to toe. Crazy right?!! I had mixed emotions since I knew that some really admired my look 
while others would think that it was very disturbing and revealing.

Well, in fashion, you can't please everybody :)

Funny thing is, a gay person even approached me and said "Ang sexy mo 'teh"
All eyes were on me. I certainly did play the part of Gossip Girl that night. 

So by now, you must be intrigued what are the brands I'm wearing.

Collared Sleeveless Top and Lace shorts from Taylor
Fashionable Tights from Leg Love by City Lady
Pointed Pumps by MNJ
Crocodile Black Buckle Bag from ROMWE
Shades by Eye Channel, New York


More Details

My top and bottom from Taylor was the perfect combination to hype my look.
Lace will always be attractive!
Something different from my past looks I must say :)

How to look quirky and edgy? Wear fashionable tights or stockings from Leg Love by City Lady.
This is actually the secret to my entire look. It's designed by Mr. Pablo Cabahug, 
who won Designer of the Year for 2010 Look of Style Awards.
 Indeed, it's a classic work of art that is very flattering and enhancing to the female silhouette.
 Simply said, A fashion statement that certainly will may eyes pop!

This is how it looks at the back! 

Another accessory that completes my look is my bag from ROMWE.
 I love how simple yet beautiful this bag is. Its leather-design crocodile-texture detailing is a stunner! 
The color combination of black and gold screams sophistication. 
This bag comes with oversized handstraps and a detachable shoulder strap, adorable right?!
 Someday, I hope to become a certified ROMWE girl! I just love their shop so much :) 

So that's my fun-filled and "scandalous" experience in Glorietta mall :)
To checkout more fashion finds, feel free to visit:

LEG LOVE By City Lady:

So you wanna know where I headed next? TO EAT, of course!

The name of the restaurant is WATAMI.  It's a new Japanese restaurant located at 
the Ground Floor of the New Glorietta Mall.

It was really full because food is indeed superb!

I'll let the pictures do the talking :)

Assorted Skewers


 Chicken Cutlet

 Shrimp Tempura

 Crab Meat Pot Rice

Chicken Skewers

Short Rib

Watami Ramen

Wow, I'm beginning to be hungry again just at the mere sight of this pictures! 
I totally recommend that you dine in this place.
And Oh, for the milktea lovers out there like me,

Milk Tea Tapioca

Hope you enjoyed this post my dear readers :)



  1. Hi, very nice your website , especially the food

    1. Hi Lucian4, Thank you very much :) Stay tuned for more exciting posts about fashion, food and the like. Thanks for visiting :)