Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Version of Me

Happy Easter everyone! :)

My closet is starting to get outnumbered with so many dresses. 
So for a change, some casual outfit for this post!

First instinct for a summer as hot as this is to not wear black.
 However, if you still opt to wear black like me and still remain chic and casual, 
my suggestion is for you to complement black with 
dainty and skin-tone colors such as purple and beige. 

Pair it with some beaded necklace and you're good to go :)

Top from Motley Crew
Pants by Colours

I'll leave you with this....

Often times, we do get compared with other people. 
I'm starting to learn that instead of comparing myself to others, 
I should start making better versions of myself. 

It's a tough challenge but this is how we ought to live. 
As we grow, we should inspire everyone around us 

Cheers! :)

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