Sunday, April 7, 2013

Summer Bloom

Wanna know one of my secrets in achieving a blooming look?

Answer is simple: 
Wear Prints and Wear Colorful ones.

Attention immediately goes to how vibrant you look.
 It's even perfect especially now that it's summer time.

I wore this dress to C2 Cuisine's New Menu Launch.

C2 Classic Cuisine is operated by Cravings Group and an affiliate of Center for Culinary Arts Manila. 
It's a casual dining place wherein you can experience a refreshing taste of local favorites. 
C2 Classic Cuisine was cited as one of Asia's Best Restaurants last 2010 by Miele Guide. 

It has branches in Katipunan, Shangri-La, Megamall, Paranaque and Cebu to name a few.

The Store I visited was their Greenhills Branch.

I adore their mosaic pendant lamps! It adds a homey feel!

They also have C3 Events Place right beside them for special occasions like debuts, weddings etc.
 Ain't that superb! :)

Look how appealing these are. 
You'll keep coming back here the moment you taste their new dishes.
I forgot the names of some of the dishes because as I've said, most are not yet on the menu :))
You can show this picture to the waiters instead (har har)

My personal favorites are the following: 

Beef with Gravy Sauce. I ate almost half the plate. Enough said.

Laing. A Bicolano dish and surprisingly I loved it because it was extra creamy.

Chocolate Caramel Cake. I love this duo! Oh, my love for desserts was satisfied.

Suman Panna Cotta. A dessert certainly worth my calories. I ate more than my share
 (others gave up already,too full)! Super yummy. It was creamy and glutinous!

Buko Pandan. A perfect summer drink with shredded coconut and pandan jelly leaves.
 Refreshingly delicious!

I'm sure my twin enjoyed the dishes as much as I did and thanks to her, 
I was able to be part of this launch!

The best part of this Event? 
I made new friends!

 credits to Ms.Jude Abiera for this photo

                                                                              credits to Ms.Jude Abiera for this photo


Anyways back to what I am wearing :)

 Animal Print Halter Dress by Apartment8

In the Philippines, we are already experiencing 40 degrees Celsius! 
My suggestion is to invest in some colorful clothing like what I'm wearing.
Maxi dresses like this will make you look taller especially if you're like me with a petite frame.

My my, I'm indeed preparing myself for hotter days!

I'd say this look of mine is perfect for the summer. 
Tie your hair in a bun and voila, you're ready! :)

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Definitely one of my favorite clothing stores! :)

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                                                                               credits to Ms.Jude Abiera for this photo

Ready or not, 
Summer, here we come! :)