Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wardrobe Change

Ola! I decided to revamp my site and voila!!! 

From this

It became this!

So how do you like my blog's new look?

Well, if you love it, as early as now, I would confess I didn't design it!

It's designed by one of my closest friends Jasmin Sarmiento.

Isn't she pretty?!! One of my fave pics of her. This girl I must say is extremely talented (Not to mention, she too has a big heart)! Truth is I don't know where she's not good at! :))

Anyways, if any of you happens to be in need of someone who's good in making logos or websites, I would recommend that you consider her! She didn't ask me to do this but I believe in her talent so I believe it's time for her to be in the spotlight.

Here are some of her mock sample designs (I hope she doesn't kill me for sharing)!

These are just some samples from her portfolio! She's into photography and design so if you happen to need her help, just send her an email at or you can inform me :)

Good night dear readers! Stay tuned for my next post :)


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