Saturday, April 20, 2013


This Summer, we all need something new and refreshing.
The easiest way to do this? 

One Word. 

Don't worry, nothing really major.
I just decided to hype my look by having my hair cut.
If you've noticed, my hair is shorter and now with fringes.

People usually change their looks for many reasons:
Some of which may be matters of the heart (I'm not heartbroken or anything)
the weather, the trend, the lifestyle ( definitely!)
...and so the list goes on

Change is indeed good.
It gives you a fresh start at things.

How do you like my new look?

Shout-out to senior stylist Mr. Christian of Folded & Hung | Famous Salon for cutting my locks.
Special mention also to junior stylist Mr. Brian for assisting.
Both of them are so friendly :)

To those people who might not have heard of this yet, Folded & Hung Famous Salon opened 
last September 17, 2012. Currently, if I'm not mistaken, they have 2 branches:
 Greenhills and Robinsons Place Manila. 

Some of their ambassadors are Angel Locsin and Sam Milby.
Personally, I'd say that their cuts are fun and edgy, simply perfect for Summer! 

 People Change,
Feelings Change,
And things Change.

These take time.

But if you want some immediate change, then do follow my footsteps :)
I'm  looking at coloring my hair soon, maybe they too can give me advice!


For my hair: Mr. Christian and Mr.Brian of Folded & Hung Famous Salon 

Top from Bazaar
Skirt from Virus
Shoes by Melissa

Let's all welcome Summer with a Bang! 

I'm certainly #HappytobeFamous!

Check this out my dear readers,



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