Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summer Breeze

With this extremely hot weather in the Philippines, I need to Keep Calm and Stay Cool.
Seriously, if only there's a refrigerator I could fit into, I would have made myself an eskimo inside :))

But anyways, enough of that crazy idea! 
I chose to wear this Teal mullet dress to let my skin "breathe"

It's very light and flowy. 
The best part is the back of this dress is made of lace.
Simply another way of getting that breezy-feel !
Plus, it looks very chic and feminine!

For this outfit, I decided to wear my Love Spoon Pendant Necklace from ROMWE.
Ain't it adorable? Very 'princessy' I must say.
 A pinch of gold would always do the trick :)

3 Ds for this Summer:
Don't let the heat completely destroy your mood. 
Dress up light and you'll feel good 
Do smile and instantly look good :)

Dress by Taylor
Gold Belt by Plains and Prints 
Love Spoon Pendant Necklace by ROMWE
Flats from Bazaar


  1. I have a similar dress...lovely to wear in the look very cute!!

    1. Definitely a good way to cool down this summer! thanks so much :)