Sunday, July 28, 2013


Black and White. Neither shade goes out of style.
A timeless look that would look good with anyone.
For this look of mine, I wanted to create a bold graphic statement.
I wore a jumpsuit that is printed with stripes from head-to-toe.

Fashion Tip #1 : Wear VERTICAL stripes to elongate your body.
They are perfect for petite frames.

Fashion Tip #2 : Add an accent hue.
My recommendation is to go for RED.
Perhaps a red hair accessory, red pumps or a sultry red lipstick would do the trick.
Fashion Tip #3 : Walk with confidence and put on your best smile.
Make that first impression last.
Jumpsuit by New Moon
Belt by Muffin
Pumps by MNJ
Hope you like my post for tonight.
And oh before I forget, I would like you to meet my cat.
Isn't he cute? He reminds me so much of Puss in Boots
especially when he is sitting down and looking at me.



  1. I love looks so cute on you and classy at the same time! Great styling tips!!!

    1. Hi Jezz! Thank you so much for the kind words. And yes, black and white can be classy and chic :) Take care