Saturday, September 28, 2013

Avenue of Stars

Every time I travel, it's as if I brought my entire room with me.
Well, I've tried to pack light but who am I kidding, I never do.

Can you guess where I'm wearing this outfit to?


It's my second time to visit this beautiful country.
Knowing that I'd be walking a lot, I chose to wear a sleeveless top from Plains and Prints
and paired it with skinny jeans to create that comfortable yet stylish ensemble.
I just love the graphics of my top, it makes me feel so upbeat.

Oasis Top from the Berlin Collection of Plains and Prints

Accessorize it with a leather beret cap and voila,
you're ready to take Hong Kong by storm :))

Since I've visited Disneyland and Ocean Park in my former visit to HK,
this time around, I will show you my recommended places the next time you visit. 
First Stop: Avenue of Stars

The Avenue of Stars is located in Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. 
              The beauty of this place is it gives locals and tourists a stunning view of the harbor.

I highly suggest that you visit this place at night to fully capture its splendor.
Here are my buddies during this adventure: My twin and our cousin

The Avenue of Stars pays tribute and recognition to Hong Kong's rich cinematic tradition.

Here are the 2 must-see statues:

The very cute McDull
McDull is a male pig, a cartoon character created by Hong Kong artists Alice Mak an Brian Tse.
McDull has made several appearances in comic books, movies and television series.

And of course, don't leave Avenue of Stars without a photo op
with the life-size statue of Bruce Lee, the very famous Kung Fu Master.

What a night to remember!
Credits to our cousin for taking so many photos of us.
Cheers to experiencing the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Stay tuned for my Day 2 adventure in Hong Kong :)

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