Thursday, September 19, 2013

Behold an Empress

Walk like an empress or dine like a king.
That's how Gloria Maris Greenhills treats their customers:
Like Royalty.

Last September 18, 2013, Gloria Maris did both.
They hosted a special event entitled Emperor's Banquet.
Priced at P2,000/pax, it was indeed an evening filled with surprises.

Imagine, celebrating a Chef's Night: A night like no other! 
In fact, a First in the Philippines!

Before I show you some photos of the banquet proper,
time for my outfit shot!

I wanted to look chic yet elegant and I believe that the best way to get this look
is by wearing a long, loose silhouette of a maxi dress.

I'm wearing a dress from Apartment 8 Clothing
The fabric is so light that it moves with the wind.
The print is just stunning! Simply beautiful like a peacock!

The back design of my dress is absolutely sexy but I decided
 to wear a black inner garment under it so that it won't be that revealing.
 I had to go to the office before the event! I'm that busy :))

Since I have numerous business meetings to attend, 
a corporate blazer is a must for the day. 
Remember to dress appropriately whenever and wherever!

The beauty of this dress is that you can style it in a lot of ways!
My dress became shorter because I used a belt over it.
Be creative!

I bought some accessories along with me plus a black shawl and a gold clutch bag
to complete my ensemble for the night. 

Hope you got some ideas on how to look like an Empress.
After dressing like one, all you've got to do is smile and enjoy the night.

Now time to give you a feel of the Royal Banquet

My 7-course meal
Fit for an Empress!

 Salmon and Shrimp Paste filled Flower Pastry

Three-Treasure Boiled Coconut Soup

Sliced Duck with Honeydew and Cucumber

Sautéed Lobster with Wolfberry and Wild Mushrooms

 Braised Home Made Spinach Skin Beancurd with Enoki Mushrooms

Every dish was a burst of different flavors. 
The Chef certainly knows how to satisfy my palate.
Did I get you hungry? Fret not, the third series is just around the corner.
Entitled the Flaming Feast, Chef Ahwa will certainly spice-up your night!

Excited? I am. Come join me as we claim our throne in becoming kings and queens of the night 
for another round of festivities this October 16, 2013 at Gloria Maris, 7:30 pm :)
Grab that royal ticket now.

My parting words? 
Dress in style. Eat in style.


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