Saturday, August 31, 2013


Behold! A goddess has fallen.
If I were a goddess, you'd see me wearing a white and gold linen dress.
Well since I'm no immortal, I made my own adaptation of a demi-goddess.

Demi-goddesses still have to look regal despite their half-god lineage.
For the so called "deity-look", there are 2 important factors to consider: 
the CLOTHES and the HAIR

For my ensemble, I chose to wear a white top that is embellished with gold sequins.
I paired it with a royal blue maxi skirt to embody superiority and sophistication.

I bought both my top and skirt from Soigné Clothing
Their clothes are so chic, modern and elegant.
 You can checkout their latest collection here.

Oh, I just love how carefree this outfit makes me feel.
The top is so feminine and the skirt is very flowy.

Now let's move on to styling the hair.
To look ethereal, your locks have to be well-maintained.
With that, accessorizing your hair is key and I believe that 
flower crowns & embellished headbands are classic.

For people who have short hair or are looking for ways to revamp their look, 
one way would be Hair Extensions. Until now, hair extensions are very popular 
because it gives women what they have always wanted: Beautiful Hair
The length, shape, style and color are all dependent on your preference. 
So far, seems to be one of the "Go-To stylist" for beautiful hair.

I already have experienced having short hair and personally I prefer long hair 
because I can style it any way I want. I love to curl my hair as it adds that sexy appeal. 

For instance, you can wear 20 inch clip in hair extensions to a themed-party,
then have straight hair for today and sexy waves tomorrow.
That's how versatile hair extensions are.

Here are some photos:

Interesting don't you think? I've seen people use it and it looks great on them.
Imagine transforming your look in seconds!
Photos taken from

Anyways, I do hope you like my hair advice.
As for me, I'm happy with my long hair.
I can style it in a lot of ways :)

Never underestimate the power of beautiful hair. It is indeed a girl's crowning glory.
First impressions are very important so invest in hair and clothing.
It will take you to places.

Lastly, a goddess should always look charming and approachable.
So smile and keep a positive spirit.



  1. cute outfit =)

    1. Hi Evellis! Thanks so much. It's from Soigne Clothing. Do checkout their facebook page :) They have fab clothes! Thanks for the support

  2. Excellent website, congratulations for what you're doing here.