Monday, December 16, 2013


Skater skirts are known for their versatile and very flattering silhouettes. 
While there are a hundred of ways on how to rock a skater skirt, I chose to wear it a little different. 

Using a skater skirt as an accessory, I made my own version of a Peplum.
Peplums are overskirts or ruffles that are attached to a blouse, dress or bodice.
I wore a bandage skirt under in order to emphasize the Peplum effect.

The trick to getting very nice Peplums is choosing the right design.
This skater skirt from Soigné Clothing did just that.
Aztec prints have become the style du jour amongst stylish teenagers.
It's young, hip and upbeat!

Top from AK Collection
Skater Skirt from Soigné Clothing

Just remember that when it comes to fashion, one does not need to be conventional.
Mix and match while you're young!
And most of all, Have fun :)


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