Friday, December 6, 2013

Catching Waves

I'm Back my dear readers! :)
I apologize for my long absence as I have been busy heading a relief drive 
for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines.

 It was an exhausting month indeed, but to be able to help out
 as much as you can is beyond happiness. 

These photos were taken during our trip to Iloilo for our cousin's wedding.
Imagine, my sister and I being bound for Iloilo 1 day before
 the Supertyphoon Yolanda hit landfall... Just our luck.

Our parents were so scared and asked us to delay our flight to another date.
Being so stubborn, my sister and I pushed thru because we never
thought that the typhoon will be as catastrophic as weather reports say.

God must have His Ways of showing Himself,
as during the day of the Wedding, we were blessed with good weather.

Thank you Lord for keeping us safe. 
Just look at how beautiful Achi Kristine's little Angels are.

Kudos to their fashion designer!
Some quick candid shots of the entourage.

The beautiful sisters beside me are my cousins!
Last time I check, they are still single :))
(wink wink)

With one of my favorite cousin!
The pretty Esha :)

Another fave of mine... Zachy! Our super cute and adorable cousin.
This boy is so into cars! He will be a smashing racer someday!

With his looks, I'm pretty sure girls would love to meet him.
But of course, only one will be proclaimed as his princess.

Now back to my fashion world!
When it comes to attending Weddings,
Maxi dresses are the perfect choice.
You don't have to show too much skin 
because after all it's a solemn celebration.

Don't get me wrong though because you can still look sexy with it.
My peg was in fact a Goddess.
Someone fresh and youthful for an occasion as beautiful as this!

FH|Folded and Hung Maxi Dress

I'm wearing a Folded & Hung maxi dress.
Folded & Hung is one of the leading local fashion brands and 
boasts its position as a major fashion label trendsetter.

For Weddings, I highly recommend choosing pastel colors or 
colors that calm the eye. In my case, I chose Teal.

Styling maxi dresses are easy. 
1) Pair it with heels to have that oomph.
2) No need to accessorize much because these dresses
are very elegant and stylish. 

I chose to wear a flower crown to
accentuate my Goddess-Peg.

At the end of the day, 
Style is all about having a sense of fun and creativity in what you wear.

This picture actually reminds me of the Arabian Nights!

Now back to more pictures of the Wedding.

All the youngsters in the photos are my cousins!
Surprisingly, we are a big family and I feel old!!! :))

Seeing Achi Kristine get married gives me butterflies in my stomach.
Being able to witness a wedding as beautiful as this is just surreal.

Truth is, it also got me into thinking...
 and wishing that someday it will be my turn in front of the altar.
I may not have a significant other as of now, 
but hopefully in God's perfect timing, I will meet him.

Before I get any more dramatic,
photos of the parents of the lovely bride and groom.

This is one of my fave candid shots as they all look very happy.

It's time to seal the marriage ceremony with a Kiss!
Wishing both of you all the love and happiness that life can offer.

Now, who's next in line?  :)

Time for the Reception.
Just look at this magical place!
I felt like a princess attending a grand ball.
But this time it was no ordinary gala.

With my cousin Tiffany. She's available for kai shao :)) 

Seeing all these pictures makes me miss everyone!!!!
Hope you enjoyed my Special feature :)

I included below more pics of our days spent in Iloilo.
It was indeed memorable.


DAY 1: Chilling by the coffee shop!

Strolling around in SM City Iloilo

DAY 2: House Arrest! It was raining extremely hard so we were all banned from going out! 
Thank God we have generators! Movie Marathon Day

DAY 3: Pig Out Session


DAY 4: THE Wedding

Looking forward to seeing you soon my dearest cousins. 
All the love from Manila :)

Lastly dear readers, I felt the need to include this in my post.

Typhoon Yolanda or Haiyan may have been beyond catastrophic...
Claiming thousand of lives and injuring countless Filipinos...
Leaving people homeless and terrified;
Not knowing who they can lean on at times like this.

Kudos to every person who volunteered to help out.
Kudos to every person who took some time off to share their blessings.
Thank you for giving the victims hope.

For me, no amount of help is too small or big.
As for me, aside from giving some cash donations, I headed a relief drive 
in the building, encouraging people to give some in-kind donations.
I am glad by the response of the many companies.

At the end of the day, it's not about pointing fingers on
who's to blame. It's about reaching out to people and giving them 
all the right reasons to hold on.

Take care everyone!


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