Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gold Rush

A big hello to my dear readers! :)
Are you feeling the Gold Rush? I am!
This post will be interesting because aside from you seeing me in my latest #OOTD,
I've decided to share with you several tips on how to become the Best Friend Ever.

Dress from ROMWE 

I wore this dress last Sunday to our friend's wedding. That's 4 years of love and friendship for Paul and Ceara before finally tying the knot. A big Congratulations to the couple :)

If there's one color that I will choose to describe friendship,
it's definitely the color I am wearing: GOLD.
Gold represents something priceless and something worth keeping all the days of your life.

In my case, it's my college friend Echie who is my BFF.
You'll see a photo of us a little later :)

For now, here are some tips to be the best friend ever!

TIP #1 
Best friends are loyal to each other. They share secrets with one another. Whether it's about a happy crush or a dark past, the fact that she trusted you means that she is comfortable with you. It's not easy to trust people, so when someone does, don't break that because it's something that will be very hard to gain back. That applies to both love and friendship.

TIP #2 
Best friends are sincere. Say something because you mean it. Don't do something out of pretense.

TIP #3 
Best friends make each other feel loved. Surprise her on her birthday or even in ordinary days to make her feel special.

TIP #4 
Best friends listen to each other. In every relationship, it's always a give and take.

TIP #5
Best friends build memories together. They travel together, shop together, create crazy pranks, dance the night out and the like. As long as they're together, time is always well spent.

TIP #6
Best friends never give up on each other. In good times or bad times, they support and cheer for each other.

TIP #7
Best friends make time for each other. No matter how busy one is, she sets aside quality time for you.

TIP #8
Best friends criticize each other. It's not always about compliments but more of a constant "helping hand" to help each other grow as a person.

TIP #9
Best friends respect each other. They don't gossip behind each other's back.

TIP #10
Best friends celebrate victories and downfall together. They are each other's support system.

TIP #11
Best friends make life more bearable. They know how to make you smile and temporary forget your problems.

TIP #12
Best friends forgive each other.

TIP #13
Best friends accept you completely. Those little imperfections are actually the ones that binds you with each other and makes you stronger.

TIP #14
Best friends "stalk" for each other. In simple terms, they spy. They actually do check if this guy is ok or not for you and give their sincere and honest advice.

TIP #15
Best friends enjoy taking photos together. 

TIP #16
Best friends treat each other as family. 

TIP #17
Best friends never get tired of your pointless dramas

TIP #18
Best friends are inseparable. They hang on to each other no matter what.

TIP #19
A real friend calls. He will make sure that communication will remain intact. 

TIP #20
Best friends never leave. They always make it a point to make you feel that you are not alone in this world.

Dress by ROMWE

Watch from Hong Kong

Shades from SPLATT.MNL

Pumps by Parisian

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I hope you enjoyed my post! 
Always remember to let your beauty shine through.
I'm very thankful that I have a best friend like Echie. 
She is truly a blessing in my life.

P.S. At times, she even calls me Greek Goddess! Oh, how I love her :)