Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pop Star

Hello dear readers!
Ever dreamt of being a Pop Star for a day?
Here's a little fashion inspiration by yours truly.

I wore this ensemble to Rockwell and I easily stole everyone's attention.
I won't say that everyone did like my look though ('coz that would be impossible).
60% likers and 40% bashers (probably, lol)

At the end of the day, it's all a matter of personal style and comfort.

But damn, I did feel like a Korean Pop Star because everyone literally stared.
Want an autograph? :)

One-Shoulder Dress by Apartment 8 Clothing

If you've been following my blog, 
you'll notice that I've always been a fan of Apartment 8 Clothing.
Remember my Empress Look? (here)

What I love about Apartment 8 is it's so chic and trendy.
Whether I want to look sweet and feminine,
chic and edgy, or casual and laidback, they always have something
to suit my style, personality and mood for the day.

I hope that I get to collaborate with this brand someday :)

Studded Purse from So Fab!

I paired my eye-catching LBD from Apartment 8 with this 
Gold studded purse from So Fab! 

So Fab! is a shoe haven for fashionistas!
Remember my zebra-print pumps (here)
It's a show-stopper. Aside from shoes, they also sell limited edition 
purse and accessories that every girl would love to have.

Black and white color combination is such a timeless classic.
Pair it with gold accents and accessories and you'll look fabulous!

I hope you enjoyed my celebrity post! 
This is my Alter-Ego speaking :)


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