Thursday, July 3, 2014

Love Story

Theirs is the Love Story to tell...
After 13 years of love and friendship, Chow & Jen finally walk down the aisle.
Indeed, True love never fails as this couple did not let distance get in their way.

The moment my sister and I were asked to be part of their entourage,
we were simply out of words to say. 

Ms.Jen has always been a great mentor and true friend in Ateneo.
We used to even tease her back then that we are already hearing wedding bells :)
FINALLY, the day has come (kilig)

But before I share with you some snippets of the event,
I'd like to thank my gorgeous friend Miriam Reyes aka Mirz 
for being my makeup artist for the day.
(Hope she doesn't 'kill' me for posting her photo)

Just proud of her! If you're interested to have her as your MUA,
you can book here 0908-868-6787 :)

Thanks Mirz for transforming me from ordinary to fabulous!

The BEFORE photo is how I look with no makeup at all: Stressed-Out
Eyebags here and there, Ungroomed Eyebrows, Dull Skin, Cracked Lips 
(you name it...)

But after Mirz does her powers on me, I'm blooming all over.
See for yourself! I love how dramatic my makeup is.

From those tantalizing eyes....

to the ultra-bold lips ala Anne Curtis

I feel like a celebrity! I wish she could be with me everyday.
I might just be spotted in the mall and voila, 
there goes my celebrity dreams (lol)

Special thanks also to Ms. Jen for choosing Apohl Bridal
to design the eyecatching gowns of the entourage.

Aside from Red being the color of Love, I love how the color can evoke
 a sense of drama & mystery, combined with passion & confidence.

I particularly love the off-shoulder design.
I feel like a Medieval princess or better yet reminds me of
Taylor Swift's Love Story Music Video.

Since the gown is already beaded, I wore simple accessories to 
complete the look. Pearls are always the best bet. It's a classic.
And of course, don't forget to smile :)

So now I bring you the Wedding of the Year!
Last June 28, 2014, Chow & Jen exchanged their vows at St. Peter's Parish Church.

The moment Ms. Jen entered the Church, my jaw dropped.
She looks ethereal in her Wedding Gown.
The Gown was made by Dotie Diaz-Cleofas

I was stunned... She was sooooo beautiful.
I even caught the Groom being all teary-eyed upon seeing her enter (Awwww!)

                                                                                                         Photo Above by Dotie Diaz-Cleofas

Thank you for also calling me to lead the First Reading and Responsorial Psalm.
As it was said from the Book of Genesis

(23) The man said, "This is now bone of my bones, And flesh of my flesh; 
She shall be called Woman, Because she was taken out of Man." 
(24) For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife;
and they shall become one flesh.

Chow & Jen, you are made for each other :)

(Credits to my sister for taking this photo below)

May you continue to pursue each other every single day of your lives.

Continue loving and serving each other and we are all
looking forward to meeting your little JENs and ROWELs.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Dela Cruz!
A New Chapter awaits :)

After the wedding, we went straight to Blue Gardens for the Reception.
I love the place especially the beautiful chandelier that lit up the room.
It feels magical.

A photo I managed to take during the couple's pictorial at Blue Gardens.

A candid photo of me and my partner as we enter.

                                                                  *Photo above taken from Jen's FB page

From the bottom of our hearts,

Love your Ateneo Family

After the celebration, we visited Ateneo for a quick & creative photoshoot.
This time ala Red Riding Hood (lost in the woods)
Thanks to my awesome photographer Brian Diaz.
Post-editing by me.

Thank you to Rowel and Jen for making me believe in Love.
Hopefully someday I too will meet my Prince Charming.
Of course, in God's perfect timing :)

Stay in love!


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