Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sweet Endings with My Cadbury Barkada

Let's admit it. Every single day, we face our own battle scars.
From heartaches to stress, sometimes we just have to break-free.
Even just for a few minutes...

So today, I'm going to be your Angel sent from above. 
Let me tell you the secret to staying happy.

My Barkada's Ultimate Comfort Food has always been CHOCOLATE.
And it's not just any kind of chocolate, 
 it should always be CADBURY DAIRY MILK.

Our barkada makes it a point to unwind and relax especially during weekends.
We take a dip in the pool, discuss matters of the heart and mind
over some hot cocoa and Cadbury Dairy Milk. Our Bonding Moment!

Our barkada loves Cadbury because every bite oozes with creaminess and
mouthwatering chocolate goodness. It's an instant perk me up and always gives
us a SWEET ENDING ----a LIFE booster if you might call it!

So if you're looking for the ultimate Comfort Food,
why not go for the best in creamy chocolate goodness!
Grab your Cadbury Dairy Milk and experience Sweet Endings.

I can actually pass as Cadbury's brand Ambassadress, don't you think?
(laughs, just kidding)
How I wish! As they say, always support what you love.
So dear readers, time for some Cadbury snacks! :)

 Smile and stay worry-free dear readers! Cheers! :)


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