Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pick it, Zip it, Keep it with Clothes Buffet Manila

If there's one thing that makes girls go gaga aside from hot boys,
it's none other than  SHOPPING! 

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Every fashionista out there dreams of owning the perfect closet.
Perfect in such a way that whatever clothes she desires, 
she gets with no strings attached.
Simply put it, there's no budget constraint. 

I know, I know, those only happen to celebrities and the ultra rich and famous.
But what if I told you that you can experience a shopping splurge for 15 minutes
without the need to check the pricetag? 
Would you believe me? Read along to find out.

Today, I'm more than happy to introduce to you
CLOTHES BUFFET MANILA : A Shopping Experience Like No Other

To keep it interesting, I decided to explain the concept behind Clothes Buffet Manila
ala Hunger Games Style.

Just like Katniss Everdeen would kill to survive, 
 every shopaholic attending Clothes Buffet Manila
ought to strategize to bring home as many clothing pieces as she can.

Decision is key. It's either you simply
A) Grab as many as u can; or 
B) Select quickly according to your style and size

So load up, arm yourself and learn to decide quickly.
Remember you're in a "friendly" war against your fellow shopaholics :)

I'd do the latter if I were you so that I'm sure that I bring home pieces to my liking :)
Imagine that's 30,000 clothes up for grabs, all in 1 place!

Clothes Buffet Manila has 3 collections to choose from:

For the cosmo girls out there who love to transform their look from work day to date night

Planning to attend Coachella or feeling a bit boho? It's time to chill with dashing colors

Little Black Dresses and glam ensembles will make every girl standout

So whatever style personality you possess, get ready to PICK IT.
Take it from Katniss who would use her bow and arrow to hunt,
all you need to do is Aim for it.

While you may be overwhelmed with so many clothing in one place,
remember that any soldier at war is mindful of the time. 
 Each shopping wave lasts for only 15 minutes so splurge wisely.

The second commandment that every shopping cadet ought to remember 
is to Buckle Up. Yes, you may already have what you need but you're not home yet. 
Carry only what you can. Your best asset is yourself.

That means in order to CONQUER Clothes Buffet Manila, all the clothes you chose 
 must fit in this buffet bag of 33 cm (H)  x 23 cm (W) that will be provided
by Clothes Buffet Manila. Be able to ZIP IT and it's yours. Simple as that.

Imagine a shopaholic being able to bring 15 pieces home
with no questions asked. Wow, Incredible, isn't it.
That's the record to beat.

Now the best part of all is when victory is yours for the taking.
And that is Clothes Buffet Manila's promise, as long as you get to zip, you get to KEEP IT
Imagine all the OOTDs you can make with just 
an all-access tag of P1,999. How crazy is that! :)

Say goodbye to shopping abroad and shopping in expensive malls.

What a shopping haven indeed.
This is way better than eating buffet. 
From now on, it's time to do shopping ala buffet style.

Truly, Clothes Buffet Manila has started a revolution in the world of fashion.

As both a fashion stylist and entrepreneur, I guarantee that this will be the new
obsession of shopaholics out there. It's going to be one hell of an addiction!

So book your shopping slots now as tickets are selling fast!

I'm so excited! Hope to see you there!
Let's win the battle together.
Stay beautiful everyone! :)

For more information on Clothes Buffet Manila, checkout their

Location: Il Terrazo, 305 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Scout Madrinan St. Quezon City



  1. Congrats Girl ♥ You made it !! nice blogs ♥ Hope I'll win too. I'm not loosing my hope :)) new #OOTD is yours ♥

    1. Aww, thank you Ezherts for checking out this post. I'm sure you're a fashionista like me. Hoping to see you in the event and do join the contests Clothes Buffet are conducting. Who knows, you might just win tickets too :) Thanks for the support