Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Classic Choice

Say hello to the new and improved me :)
Trying out colored hair for a change.

And since the holidays are fast-approaching, 
I've prepared several Holiday Look recommendations just for you.

I'm starting October with a bang with these 
timeless yet stylish pieces from Plains & Prints.

If you've been following my blog, I'm sure you know by now that this 
well-loved brand is a classic choice of sophisticated women.

For the upcoming holidays, I suggest a look that's simple yet eye-catching.

To achieve this look I'm wearing, here are 2 easy steps:

Pick versatile yet contrasting pieces.
Pop of colors make you look ultra-chic and vibrant,
 in-tune with the festive mood of the Yuletide Season.

Pair your ensemble with killer heels to look extra fab.
Heels give women more attitude and confidence.
Need I say more.

Stockton Blouse from Plains & Prints
Cameron Skort from Plains & Prints 

The Stockton Blouse is from The California Dreamin' Collection while the 
Cameron Skort is from The Art Nouveau Collection of Plains & Prints.

This is just the start of my easy Holiday Look recommendations! 
Stay tuned for more my dear readers :)

And while we're at it, do checkout the The Tribal Vibe Collection
the latest Collection of Plains and Prints, inspired by the African Tribe.

A lot of geometric prints and vibrant hues are at play, 
giving you flattering cuts and silhouettes, just what every girl always wanted.

Here are my Top Picks from this beautiful collection!

Hope you enjoyed this Post :)


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