Saturday, November 15, 2014

Holiday Looks by Plains and Prints

When it comes to vibrant prints and design, 
no brand can do it better than Plains & Prints.

So for my fifth Holiday Look recommendation, 
why not try out interesting cuts, silhouettes, colors and prints from Plains & Prints.

What I love about this brand is that they continuously produce clothing pieces that 
are classy yet versatile and timeless.

(Just checkout some of my looks from previous Plains & Prints collections)

No wonder Anne Curtis is the perfect face to endorse Plains & Prints.
Her fun, fresh and fearless aura complements the brand.

As what Anne would often say to all her fans:
"Stay and be comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. 
You don’t have to follow trends because you won’t fit all of them. 
Just be you and you’re going to be okay."

And because you're a reader of mine, you get to have 
first dibs on the Holiday 2014 Collections.

Since there are so many pieces, I'm just sharing with you some of my favorite looks
 from each collection just in time for the Yuletide Season.

East Meets West
If you're looking for chic yet elegant silhouettes, East Meets West Collection is for you.
This collection is inspired by the merging cultures of the east and the west. 
Various shades of red and fuchsia with warm tones of peach and gray are dominant in this collection.

Modern Metropolis
If you love cheerful prints and stunning colors, Modern Metropolis is for you.
This trendy collection is a series of Holiday Dresses with prints inspired by 
some of the famous cities in the world --- Milan, Shanghai and London. 

Heaven and Earth
If you want to sport a fun festive mood this Holiday Season, then Heaven and Earth is for you.
This collection is filled with earthy tones inspired by the vibrant colors of the sky.

You can also checkout R.A.F. Holiday Collection for more Holiday ensembles.
R.A.F. is a sister brand of Plains & Prints.

I do hope you enjoyed this preview of Plains & Prints Holiday Collection.
As for me, I am officially stoked with their new collection! 

You can checkout more fashion pieces at the branch nearest you or


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