Monday, January 19, 2015

An Encounter with Pope Francis

It's not often that Filipinos get to meet nor see The Pope. 
After all, 20 years has been a long time.

So when we heard that we were part of the Media Group, 
we just couldn't say no. 
Once in a lifetime opportunity :)

I'm sure by now, Pope Francis is trending all over social media because
the way he LOVES is admirable.

This is one of the many photos that has moved me.
Most of us fear of being near to people who are sick or who are simply "different",
but Pope Francis shows us that every single human being is worthy to be loved;

He kisses this man suffering from boils in Saint Peters Square.

Image above taken from

Here is a video I managed to get as Pope Francis exits UST

More photos of the event

 Being part of the crowd and seeing how strong their faith are is truly overwhelming. 

 Can you recognize this celebrity in the middle? :)

 Though there have been several incidents wherein people passed-out because of the congestion,
I give commendation to the Security Group who made every effort to ensure the wellbeing
 of every single person present. 

If there's one message that Pope Francis hopes to instill in all of us
in his 5-day state and pastoral visit,
it's mercy, compassion and humility

He went all the way to Tacloban to comfort and strengthen 
the victims of typhoon calamities.

He chose to ride a popemobile fashioned by a jeepney, 
making him vulnerable to any possible threats.

Image above taken from

And above all, he taught us how to love completely.

Thank you for visiting the Philippines Pope Francis.
We Love You.

Let's all strive in making better versions of ourselves, and hopefully
 inspire others to share God's legacy of love :)

Stay tuned for my next post :)


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