Friday, March 13, 2015

Bring It On, Bonchon

Have you heard about the news that BonChon just got a new "styling"?
Well, your senses are in for a treat because this time around

In the words of Mr. Scott Tan, the man behind the success of BonChon,
"We are the change that everyone wants to try."
So what is that change you may ask. 

Introducing BonChon's newest sauce:


You'll enjoy the mouthwatering taste of sweet yet salty glazes 
--- a new delicious change to your usual cravings of crispy chicken!
Call it a fusion of flavors.

But it does not end with the new sauce. 
Together with other fellow Nuffnang bloggers, I was one of the people
who got first dibs on BonChon's newest campaign: Change is Delicious

With the help of Sam YG of Boys Night Out , we learned simple lifehacks
like folding a shirt in 2 seconds. Crazy huh?! I know right :)

Remember readers, 
whether it's a new perspective, a new lifestyle, or a new career path,
 give it a try and bring it on.
If there's one lesson I learned from the campaign Change is Delicious, 
it's that Change must not be feared nor prejudged.

Now we have come to the best part of this post, time for some #foodporn :)
This is what table for two means. Talk about addiction to BonChon!

Crunchy Garlic – BonChon’s 4th and newest sauce.
Definitely a must try! :)

Other sauces are Soy Garlic, Sweet and Spicy, and Honey Citrus.

With the onset of the Lenten season, there's seafood to choose from.
Crispy Calamari

Crunchy Garlic is also available for fish meals. Way to go, Bonchon!

Time for some dessert :)

BonChon will definitely leave you craving for more.
Congratulations Bonchon on another successful sauce creation :) 

I highly recommend that you try BonChon's Crunchy Garlic. You won't regret it :)


BonChon Chicken Philippines opened its first store in November 2010 and 
now has over 86 locations nationwide. 

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