Thursday, March 26, 2015

Prima Ballerina

I've always admired ballerinas.
The way they dance... the way they compose themselves make me
 wonder how much discipline they put in such graceful movements.

While I am no prima ballerina, it doesn't hurt to look like one, even for just a day.
So for all those aspiring ballerinas out there, here's a little fashion inspiration :) 

First things first, grab your trustee Pointe shoes.
The ribbons and bands make my shoes resemble the real thing.
What do you think? Pointe and flex shall we? :)

Next, choose a fitted yet flattering-to-your-silhouette dress. 

If you feel like wearing tutus, by all means, go :)
Since I'm no real dancer, no need to wear tights or leotards for this look.
What's important is you are comfortable in your ballet clothes.

Lastly, don't forget to smile and have fun.
Ballet is such a beautiful form of art and it's meant to be enjoyed.
What do you think of today's fashion peg? :)

Dress by Daniela's | Shoes from Style Gallery


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