Saturday, April 11, 2015

Quintessential Japan

I always make sure that I travel in style and comfort.
So when I went to Japan to celebrate the Holy Week, 
the very first outfit I wore was this Leopard Printed Midi Dress from LUCLUC
The dress is stylish, versatile and the perfect companion for Japan weather.

Japan is known to be a country rich in history. 
There is no perfect timing more than visiting the country 
during the first week of April --- the season of cherry blossoms.

My very first stop is Kiyomizu-dera, a Buddhist temple in Eastern Kyoto, 
which is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here's my twin and I posing with our very first Sakura aka Cherry Blossom encounter.

Second sightseeing location was at the City of Nara. 
I recommend Todaiji Temple for its beautiful scenery as well as 
Nara Park for all kids-at-heart.

 Experience the joy and the thrill in
interacting with free roaming deers in Nara Park.

 Feed them with rice crackers and biscuits, or better yet, wait for them 
to bow ---- their way of asking for sustenance. Witty!

A little trivia, deers are considered sacred animals in Japan 
and killing one is punishable by death.

Third stop is at Rinku Premium Outlets.
This is a shopping haven of luxury and branded items.

As you roam around, you'll see this spectacular view.

And if you noticed, the style of my dress is a low V-Back. 
Simple silhouette in front, yet an eye-catching cut at the back.
Now that's how I bring sexy back.

If it gets a little bit cold, 
then a scarf and a chic jacket should come in handy.

So what do you think about this new look? 

Here's a little chronicle of our tour in Japan :)

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did.
If you are fond of dresses, checkout this site for more fashion inspiration :)


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