Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hello Sinulog

Last weekend, my bestfriend Echie and I flew to Cebu for Sinulog.

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We arrived Mactan airport on Friday at around 10:30 pm.
Our gorgeous bestie Jas and her boyfriend Rap picked us up and
we went straight to Maya, a Mexican restaurant to grab some late night dinner.

Jon and Ichi joined us and damn, it was one crazy night full of stories and jokes!
It was a mojito kind of night and it felt like college all over again.
We left the place at around 3 am in the morning! Good Times Indeed :)

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It's my 3rd time in Cebu, yet my first time to experience Sinulog.
So the blogger in me felt like sharing with you snippets of what it is all about.

We attended a Procession last Saturday.
This was how jampacked it was.

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Oh what Faith can do. Truly amazing.
Sinulog Festival is held in honor of the Sto Niño every 3rd Sunday of January.

Sunday is when the Grand Celebration begins. Expect to get wet and wild, literally.
So wear something fun, light and comfortable.

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To demonstrate, this top was once a shirt,
 but I cut and styled it according to my preferred look.
Special thanks to my artsy friends for helping out :)

This look I created can be worn in 3 ways:
A sleeveless shirt as shown above,
an offshoulder top like so

or a one-shoulder top as you deemed fit.

It's all a matter of creativity. 
Checkout Echie's look! Simply Fabulous!

Now that we are ready, off to somewhere fun! :)

And yes, I'll reiterate, you'll get really dirty along the way :)

This is the Grand Parade where you'll find the most colorful costumes.

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And if you get real lucky, you'll find yourself surrounded by big stars!
Checkout Coco Martin and his friends

And now, let the Street Dancing begin :))
Thanks dear Jas for the photos

My friends and I attended Sinulog Royals 2016 at Alejandro's Century Plaza.

Thank you Jas for taking care of us. I know I've been saying this repeatedly,
but someone like you is rare to find and I am beyond grateful that
we have been best of friends all these years. I will always have your back :)

It was truly a night of merriment. Crazy but full of love.
Definitely one for the books.

Here's DJ Kirby to cap off my post :)



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