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Top 5 Kilig Moments of OTWOL that will make you believe in Love Again

This post was supposed to be for another blog site I contribute in, but since Valentines is coming, I figured it's the best time to share it :)

They say that when you get married, it should be with the right person and with the right intentions; But with Clark (James Reid) and Leah (Nadine Lustre), who both star in the romcom series On The Wings of Love aka OTWOL, it was the complete opposite. Leah married Clark just to get a green card while Clark played along for extra income as well as to return favors for his Aunt Jack. But before they know it, love caught up on them, and this time for real.

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Here’s a little snippet of how their bittersweet romance all started. Watch this.

On The Wings Of Love: Wedding

On The Wings Of Love: First dance

So whether you’re a fan of OTWOL or not, this 5 kilig scenes (in no particular order) will make you believe in love again. Whether you had your heart broken or still a hopeless romantic, a man like Clark Medina is every girl’s dream guy:

1)               1 When he helps you fulfill your heart’s desire, no matter how impossible it may seem. Case in point: Clark recreates PROM, a special moment in every girl’s life, for Leah. Who could blame Leah for falling in love? A man like Clark is a keeper.

On The Wings Of Love: Preparation

On The Wings Of Love: Sweetest Surprise

2)               2 When he professes to you with all sincerity that you are his top priority, regardless of any worldly thing he holds valuable. Always remember that the guy who commits and comes back to you is one that is worth fighting for. Find out what Clark would do for Leah.

On The Wings Of Love: "Kapag mahal ka, babalikan ka"

3)               When he looks at you like you’re the only girl that matters. 

On The Wings Of Love: Napa Valley

On The Wings Of Love: Hugs and Kisses

4)               When he spends endless days with you and starts discussing about the future --- with you and him in the picture.

On The Wings Of Love: Getting real

On The Wings Of Love: Future Home

5)              When he tells you that his heart only belongs to you and that you are his reason for believing that love is wonderful and not bitter. Find out what Clark does for Leah to make things right.

On The Wings Of Love: My heart's always with you

On The Wings Of Love: The Proposal

If there’s one thing that we can learn from the story of Clark and Leah, it’s that love can never be forced. One must continue to pursue the other even after courtship because that’s when the relationship truly starts. Stay tuned for last few episodes of OTWOL, it will be worth it! Happy Valentines Day! :)

Photo taken from Google
All OTWOL videos were taken from Youtube channel of ABS-CBN Entertainment

Hope you enjoyed this PreValentines Treat :)


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