Saturday, January 2, 2016

That Plaid Look

Happy New Year my dear Readers! 
Today marks the second blank page of your 365 page life book,
 so make sure to write a good one :)

This 2016, 
I'm starting off my look with the classic --- PLAID.

Plaid has always been one of the crowd-favorite,
because it's something everybody can easily wear and style.

My lovely V-Neck Plaid dress is from ROMWE
one of my most-loved global online fashion stores.
So if you need some party dresses, accessories or 
just about anything stylish, I definitely recommend this store.

Since I opted for a laidback look,
I chose to wear my sneakers from Natural World Eco
to complement my ensemble. 

If you are still studying, you can also take inspiration from here
and make your look either chic, rock, preppy, all depending to your mood.
It's all a matter of choosing the right accessories and footwear.

Now that we all have a clean slate to start with,
I sincerely hope that we all make better and wiser decisions this 2016.

They say that time heals everything 
and I couldn't agree more.
Always remember that 
no one can take charge of your happiness except you.

Plaid Flare Dress by Romwe
White Sneakers by Natural World Eco

It's time to be a style chameleon.
Let's all strive in making our dreams come true :)



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for the kind words! I do plan to bring a lot of style inspirations so do watch out :)