Monday, May 23, 2016

Te Amo

Only time can tell when we will find the right person to spend the rest of our lives with,
and when we do, we ought to marry for the right reason; 
Not out of wealth nor stature, but simply because of love.

I'm glad to have witnessed a beautiful wedding ceremony last 21st of May.
One of my childhood friends tied the knot with the man of her dreams.

Being the stylist in me, I'd like to share with you my choice of clothing during
the matrimony of Jason and Christine. 
More photos of the ceremony at the latter part of the post :)

The look I went for was sleek and minimal.

| Dress by Miss Couture |

As they say, less is more. 
I went for a simple yet streamlined attire for a church appropriate ensemble.

I wore basic shades of gray and black for a feminine silhouette.

The details I focused on were mainly 
immaculate tailoring and a great fabric like so.
 I believe that these are key to being all glammed up.
What do you think about the look I created?

Remember to always put a big smile on your face
just like Auntie Cynthia, the beautiful mom of the bride.

Christine aka C.AW has always been admired by many.
She is not only class valedictorian but an overachiever in many fields.

Being a loving and obedient daughter that she is, 
it is of great joy to her parents to see her walk down the aisle. 
Not to mention, a little bit of separation anxiety for their unica hija.

Her grandma was crying as she accompanied Christine on her special day.
So much feels for this photo.

And of course her beautiful bestfriend Aileen was all smiles.
Pretty soon, I believe she will follow the footsteps of her BFF :)

Here are Rana and Pauline imparting some beautiful Scriptures.

If there's one thing I have never seen C.AW do in our years of friendship,
it's to get angry. Her smile and laughter have always been her best asset.
I'm sure that's one of the many reasons why Jason fell for her.

A cute candid photo of the couple with some friends.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs. Lim.
Can't wait to meet your little juniors in God's perfect timing.
May you stay in love, always.

Part 2 of the ceremony up next in my blog :)

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