Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Game Time: Let's Play Ball

While rummaging through my closet...
...Lo and behold, I found this outfit that I haven't worn for a long time.

If my memory serves it right, the last time I wore this was back in 
Second Year college in our Badminton tournament for our Physical Education Class.

Since my mood was up for it, I sported an Athletic look in the office. 
I love how this white dress can be so simple, yet make you standout. 
A very nice play of athletic couture.

For my footwear, I was choosing between the black or the white. 
Ended up choosing the Black one to be more Chic :) 
It's your turn to 'hoard' your closet, you might not know what you'll find!

Dress by Niños y Niñas
Sandals from Nine West