Sunday, October 21, 2012

White's Hot: The Mysterious Affair

Every color has its own story to tell. 
Red can depict confidence, love and attraction. 
Black, on the other hand, can be sexy yet mysterious
Yellow can mean optimism and happiness
And so the list goes on...

How about White? Isn't it a color as well?
While most people don't find white to be as HOT as Red or Black, I am here to disprove that point.

White is indeed a Sensitive color. It can make or break your entire look. 
Most people opt not to wear white simply because it easily catches dirt. 
That's acceptable but I believe such reason isn't enough to keep me from wearing it.

White easily gets you noticed. 
You can be that ethereal Goddess that everyone is dying to meet. 
Or you can be a little bit playful and exude a mysterious aura.  
Whatever your mood for the day is, as long as you couple it with the right accessories, 
then you'll look fabulous and undeniably HOT.

As you can see from my outfit, White easily goes well with black and gold. 
They can put that certain oomph anytime anywhere! 
Just match it with unique pieces of accessories and you're good to go.

Now more about what I'm wearing...

  Shades from Eye Channel London |Chandelier Earrings from Greece
Red Lips by Estee Lauder | Black hat from Bazaar

Black & Gold Bangle from Carbon |
Black Sequined Clutch from Heelz Hobbo

Pumps from Parisian

White Bubble dress from Preview

Lastly, here are 3 Simple tips to look HOT in white:

1) Do not over accessorize.
White can speak by itself. Just choose unique pieces like an eye-catching jewelry or clutch bag.

2) Insert a Pop of color! 
Complement white with a dominant bold color such as black or red. 
This will make your look interesting and accentuate your best assets when done right.

3) Walk with confidence and attitude. 
All eyes are on you as white makes you easily noticeable so work it girl! Don't forget to Smile! 

I guess we all are ready!

Move over Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, 
this girl in her Little White dress may be your modern counterpart :)

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