Saturday, January 12, 2013


People who know me pretty well will associate me to animal prints. 
Some would even throw a joke and call me Cruella. 
Well, you and I both know that I've never killed an animal for the sake of fashion :))

Maxi Dress by ISANTI
Shoes from MIA, USA

For me, animal prints are such a classic. 
You don't have to accessorize so much because it can do all the talking. 
Blame it to psychology, but I actually do feel more confident whenever I wear prints like this.
It's classy and edgy at the same time giving me that good vibe for the rest of the day.

Life truly has its Ups and Downs and honestly I'm scared of what the future holds. 
Lately, I've been experiencing lots of not so good news.
 One big toll is that of my grandpa being in the hospital. 

He has been there ever since Christmas Day. 
Come to think of it, he was confined way way earlier and he is still there until now.

 Truth is, I think he is in too much pain already. 
I guess some things are just beyond our control.
 Almost every night I cry myself to sleep.
 I guess I'm just scared and I do hope when that time comes...
 I will be ready.

Anyways, sorry about that, I got a little carried away. 
I know there's a reason for everything so I try my best to be FEARLESS 
and just go where life will take me. 
As they say, God will never give us something we cannot handle. 
All we have to do is to put a little faith on ourselves and most especially to God.

(My cartoon self! FIGHT!)
Life is a Battlefield.

One lesson I would like to share to all my readers is the value of Appreciation.
Let's not wait for someone to get sick just to wake us up from reality.
Every act big or small must be valued.

I'm just happy that I've made my Grandpa smile a lot of times. 
I'm sure he knows that I love him so much. 

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose."
-Robert Byrne-

Holding on to Life,

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