Friday, January 4, 2013

The Rider

The last time I went horseback riding was back when I was a little girl. 
But if I ever do ride a horse again, this is how I'll look! 

Pastel colors are my sure bet for a hot sunny day of horseback. 
Soft Pink is the perfect choice to continue looking fresh all day. 
Checkout my top and pants. They consist of different shades of Pink. I just love it!

Top from Tops & Totes
Pants from Muffin

Ring from Cebu

Handbag from Flavi Vismano, Italy

 Shoes from Taiwan

Just like the Rider and the Horse complementing each other, 
fashion and comfort should go hand in hand! 

So just be yourself and you'll be better than you know it! 

Riding is a partnership. So is Fashion


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