Tuesday, January 29, 2013

That Curve

You’re never fully dressed without a smile.
- Martin Charnin-

Here are some fun facts about smiling that I discovered while reading the article 
SMILE-It's Good for You! written by Stella Katsipoutis from the Healthy Options Lifestyle News Digest.

1) Frowning exhausts 43 facial muscles while smiling only uses 17 muscles. (imagine the wrinkles!)
Add some laughter and you can increase calorie burn up to 20%. Now ain't that a good exercise?!

2) An average woman smiles about 62 times a day while men smile about 8 times a day only.
 So ladies, pls give your men a reason to smile and spare them some heartache :)

3) People smile in 19 different ways. How I wonder. Go Figure!


So here's my look.
Layers over layers? why not! 
Just make sure that when wearing styles like this, the colors don't clash, 
else you'll look like a clown in no time :)

Balance is key. 
Go for neutrals so that the flow of your clothing will be maintained.
I chose Pearls as my accessories for a classic look.

All Girls become beautiful when they smile and i'm sure guys would agree with me in saying that 
girls look their best when they wear a smile rather than makeup. 

Let every day be a reason for you to smile!

Smile and the world will smile back at you :)

Keep believing,

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