Tuesday, February 17, 2015


How was your Valentine's dear readers? 

For those of you who already have a special someone, 
continue pursuing each other every day.

And for those who aren't attached yet, not to worry because 
cliche as it may sound, it will happen in God's perfect timing :)

Often times, love can be really tricky.
One day you have butterflies in your stomach, and the next, 
you wonder how you can even fall for that person.

I guess that's just how love is. 
It suddenly hits you, hard. 
Feelings may come and go, but memories are forever.

Anyways, that's enough sharing of insights :)

Moving on to my look...

Aside from the usual connotation of Red being worn during
 Birthdays, Valentine's and the Chinese New Year, 
Red is my go-to-color whenever I want to look sweet and sexy.

In fact, if you were to ask me, 
I'd say a Little Red Dress should be a style staple in every girl's closet.

There's something about the color that makes you look intimidating yet charming.

Remember to choose a LRD that fits your personality, (an off-shoulder for me
and accessorize with an eyecatching belt (black & gold color combo being my fave)
and some stunning heels like so.

Dress by Pinky
Belt from Apartment8
Karmen Leopard Pumps by Predictions 


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