Friday, February 6, 2015

Belle of the Ball

The month of love has finally arrived and what better way to welcome it
than to relive one of the greatest love stories ever told. 

 Watched Beauty and the Beast, the Broadway Musical at CCP! 
Simply a musical treat for any kid at heart.

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Of course, being a fashion blogger & stylist, I decided to get creative and dress the part.
I chose an off-shoulder velvet dress with gold knit embellishments for 
that sweet romantic look. Accessorize with an elegant headpiece and voila!

This lovely bodycon dress is from one of my favorite online shops, ROMWE.
I swear, if you're a fashionista like me, you'll be fascinated with their clothes :)

With Prom Season just around the corner,
one tip for every Bella out there is to know your style.

Whether you prefer to wear couture or just a simple RTW, 

trends may often times be overpowering, 
so choose a design that still speaks about who you are.

Don't overdo dressing-up just to comply with the theme :)
Be the Belle of the Ball in your own comfortable way.

Another tip to remember is to take care of your skin.
It may sound obvious but most girls experience breakouts just days before prom
after juggling both schoolwork and prom planning. 

Find the time to relax, enjoy "Me-Time" and of course moisturize.
With the help of some beauty tricks and the right amount of coverage, you'll look fab.

Always equip yourself with confidence and a sweet smile :)

And remember to enjoy and thank everyone who made your day special :)
If you're still looking for prom/party dresses, I recommend that you check

Stay fabulous my dear readers! <3 


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