Saturday, February 21, 2015

2015 Spring Summer Looks

It's that time of year again when we welcome brighter colors,
bolder prints and eyecatching silhouettes.

Katerina Maxi Dress (Plains & Prints Hawaii Collection)

Now that SUMMER is fast approaching, 
Plains & Prints has created new collections for every fashionista out there.

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One of my favorite is their HAWAII COLLECTION, which is already out in stores.
It is inspired by the tropics with hues ranging from green, yellow and peach.

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Plains & Prints TAHITI COLLECTION is also perfect this season. 
Inspired by the beauty of the South Pacific, this refreshing collection is filled with 
florals and feather prints in shades of orange, cobalt blue, mint green and pink create .

(L) Juliet Top + Jobelle Shorts and (R) Joanie Top + Glacier Pants (Tahiti Collection)

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And of course, what's summer without fun in the beach and a dip in the pool.
Checkout these fun cover-ups and swimsuits by Plains & Prints.

Baler Swimsuit (Plains & Prints Swimsuiits and Coverups Collection)

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SUMMER DRESSES like these are also a must have for every fun and carefree girl out there.

(L) St Barts Dress and (R) Barbados Dress (Plains and Prints Summer Dresses)

And for those who are looking for more sophisticated looks, 
do checkout the new collections of R.A.F. by Plains & Prints.

Happy Shopping! :)



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    1. Thanks Sydney! <3 More power to your blog too

  2. Beautiful and sexy swimsuits. I like them all. If your not comfortable of swimwear alone you can have
    Swimsuits Direct cover ups.