Sunday, November 11, 2012

Feel the Rush

I'm High! Uh-Oh, Silly... I'm not intoxicated with drugs.
The kind of High I'm feeling is that feeling you get after doing something that you don't get a chance to often do.

So what are they?

The first one is Dairy Queen's Product Launch Event and the second is GoKarting.

Just yesterday (November 10) at around 6:30pm, DQ  had an exclusive event entitled “Dress Me Up: A Fashion Bloggers Event” at the Sapphire Room of Gateway Suites, with the help of Araneta Center. It was an exclusive holiday fashion event featuring the ff:

     Ladies of Bb.Pilipinas

          Miss Universe Philippines 2012 Janine Tugonon,
          Bb. Pilipinas International Nicole Schmitz,
          Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism Katrina Dimaranan,
          Bb. Pilipinas 2012 2nd Runner-up Annalie Forbes,
          Miss International 2011 Semi-Finalist Dianne Necio

      together with 8 pairs of fashion bloggers and some male models from Next Models.

It was the first time for DQ to hold a big event like this as they are at the same time introducing their Newest Product, Black Forest. As such, Black and Red were the colors of the night.

This is what I wore. My dress is actually a bit backless. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of my back. :))

Dress from Y.R.Y.S
Pumps from Parisian

Anyways, how did I get invited?
Well, thanks to my lovely twin Sophie who was one of the lucky winners of DQ's facebook contest.
I'm her +1 :)

Here's some pictures from the event proper

The Stage

We get to enjoy DQ's Black Forest while enjoying the fashion show! 
For you guys out there, go to your nearest DQ store and grab a cup of DQ's Black Forest. 
Taste the goodness of chewy chocolate bits and cherries. Oh, they make a great pair!

Guests from the other side of the stage

And here are the Ladies of Bb. Pilipinas, NEXT Models together with the fashion bloggers

1st contestant

2nd contestant

3rd contestant

4th contestant

5th contestant

6th contestant

7th contestant

8th contestant

And although everyone did a good job in styling, only 3 looks can shine!

So the 3rd prize went to contestant 2.
Team goes home with P3000

2nd prize went to contestant 5. 
Team goes home with P7000

And of course...the Ultimate winner...

Drumrolls pls..

1st prize goes to Contestant 4.
Team goes home with P20,000!
Congratulations! They were actually my sure bet at the very start of the contest!
I would say the styling is indeed a classic but with a twist of sophistication and texture. It was also a plus as the model walked confidently making the whole look work out perfectly.

The event ended with more photo ops including the DQ Management

As the guests started leaving, they started partying the night away starting with ramp modeling. Kudos!

Oh, how I wish I get to be invited again to another DQ event with my twin sister. Or if opportunity arises and we get to be part of a succeeding Dress Me Up: A Fashion Bloggers Event, it would definitely be something. I wish upon a star :)

All in all, It was definitely a night to remember!

Lastly, thanks for the treats DQ :)

My my, i've talked a lot :)
Off to my second "Drug"

So how did I spend my afternoon before attending the DQ Event?
I went Go-Karting in CityKart located at Park Square, Makati. It was actually my first time to try karting at that place. My friend gave me this Race voucher as a Christmas Gift and it's about time I avail of it before it expires.

I went to CityKart at exactly lunchtime so I'm actually lucky to have the entire race track to myself! My very first Go-kart experience was at Speedzone in Fort Bonifacio so I already knew how to kart when I got there. But back then I had competition which of course is extra fun :)

My Best time 1:16.284 :) Not bad I guess =))

This Day was indeed Sugar and Spice! Adrenaline Rush!!!! Definitely worth it! :)

'til my next event! Cheeers! Don't forget to checkout my twin's blog as well.
Visit Sophie's blog at :)


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