Monday, November 5, 2012


After the long weekend, it's time for work again! Oh well, that's life! :) 

This is what I wore today at the office. I'm so glad there is no dress code. 
Well, setting aside the little No-No's such as wearing slippers and the like.
 But of course, when there are very important meetings, 
I make sure I dress appropriately to make that impression count.

This Peplum of mine reminds me so much of the Galaxy as well as Cosmic patterns, thus the Title. 
I just love how the colors Blue, Brown, Gold & Black mix well together.

Don't be afraid to choose designs like this. It can actually make you standout. 
You can also try Print over Print style of dressing. They are still popular these days :)

 Peplum Dress from Casuals by Pink

P.S. If you've missed out seeing me in my Peplum when I have to make that impression, 
here's my previous post: Hourglass

                                                                'til my next post,

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