Thursday, November 1, 2012

Take Me Away

Want some quick fix to perk up your day?
My answer is simple. Wear a color that you'll look good in.
In my case, it would be the mixture of the colors Blue and Green
I'm guessing Teal is the exact color.

Dress from Bazaar
Belt from Plains & Prints
Aviator shades 
Loafers from Tomato

Wearing bright colors will not only make you noticeable, but also have a positive effect on your attitude.            
 Many say that Green is one of the best colors as it is one of the dominant colors of nature. 
Thus, shifting your attention to nature or to a color associated to it (NOTE: Even for just a few minutes!) can actually relax you.

Feel like experimenting? Then mix different shades similar to what I just did. 
Just make sure that the colors will complement each other and not hurt the eyes of bystanders.
 You wouldn't want them to have an eye-sore, would you?

Aside from feeling good this day, I actually did get several compliments about my look. 
Thank you random people. That was definitely a Plus for me :)

                                                                                                        With Love,

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