Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lady in Red

The color I should be in during extremely special birthday celebrations.
Since I was attending a 70th birthday celebration, I had no excuse but to follow.
As expected, everyone in the party was in Red.

In Chinese culture, it is said that once a person reaches the age of 60,
it marks a significant part of his life and thus worthy of a big celebration.
After that, bigger birthday parties are held in subsequent decades.

In weddings, traditional Chinese would make sure that Red is included in one of the color motifs.
Usually they choose Red and Gold, doubling the couple's luck. 

Also, remember those Red packets or what they call Ang Pao given usually during the New Year
All these are small trinkets/ signs wishing the person good luck, happiness and prosperity.

Dress from UnaRosa
Pumps from MNJ

The color Red simply means Good Luck and Prosperity for the Chinese. 
It's just pure respect and courtesy to wear such color when you get invited to these special events.  
So next time you are asked to attend one, you know what to wear :)


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