Friday, September 7, 2012


I dress according to my mood.
Today, I felt like Power-Dressing which simply meant going Corporate and trust me, it need not be boring.

Answer is simple. Wear Peplum
Peplum dresses are perfect for ladies who have hourglass figures (slimmer waist, curvy hips) or who would love to create an illusion of having one.  

 Dress by Plains & Prints

 What's great with Peplums is that you don't need to accessorize much as they can command attention on their own. 

What I love with this dress from Plains & Prints is that it's in Mustard with some shade of Gold 
(a color you rarely find)

Ring from Carbon

This dress is called President for a reason and it's obvious why. Work doesn't have to be boring. 
Thanks to Fashion :)


  1. i like how you approach this blog. it's very natural (writing style is conversational and creative). the approach is not at all boring. keep it up!

    1. aww! Thank you so much Abi :) I will definitely do my best in my upcoming blogs :)