Monday, August 26, 2013

Anne Curtis: Plains & Prints Newest It Girl

Last August 23, 2013 at Glorietta 1 Activity Center Palm Drive, 
Plains & Prints formally launched the #perfectpartnership.

Yes, you guessed it right. That is
PLAINS & PRINTS + Anne Curtis + ME (representing you) = Perfect Partnership

Plains & Prints is undoubtedly one of the top local brands in the country. 
Their RTW clothing line is very fashionable, chic and modern.  
Congratulations Mrs. Roxanne Farillas for choosing Anne Curtis as the newest endorser.
She's definitely the perfect fit for the brand.

Anne Curtis has 5,206,099 twitter followers as of August 26, 2013 11:35 PM. 
Imagine how incredible this woman is.
In fact, this is how Glorietta looked like while everyone was waiting for her to arrive.

After hours of waiting, Anne finally arrived.
She performed David Guetta's Titanium and Katy Perry's Fireworks.
Her dynamic performance stunned everybody and all those waiting was indeed worth it.
She is definitely one hell of a performer, no wonder she has a lot of fans.

She also gave these 2 kids the opportunity to sing with her during her Fireworks performance.

Another highlight of the event was the Meet and Greet 
wherein chosen fans get to be Upclose and personal with their idol on-stage.
 Anne Curtis congratulated each of the lucky participants and personally awarded them their prizes. 
I am damn lucky to be part of this :)


Since there were other bloggers present in the event, they were able to take a few photos of me
which I wanna keep in this blog post as a memory. These 2 photos below don't belong to me. 
Credits written below each photo. Thank you :)

                                                                                                                      *photo above from

                                                                                                         *photo from


So anyways back to my camera once again. 
Here are the 5 lucky selected OOTD winners 

And here are the other winners who got lucky to bring home Plains & Prints goodies as well.

I am very grateful to Plains & Prints for this amazing opportunity.
I never thought I would meet Anne who has been my inspiration ever since.
Someday I do hope to be part of another Plains & Prints event and collaborate with them.
The way Anne carries herself is very admirable. This brand will certainly go a long way :)

This is one of my favorite pictures of Anne during the event.
Her face depicts so much emotions.
She's definitely a beautiful person inside out.

I've always said this in my blog and I'm happy that Anne also emphasized it.
Let me reiterate, you don't have to follow trends to become fashionable. 
Just make sure that you're comfortable with what you wear 
because that is where true beauty radiates :)

In the words of Anne Curtis: "I said Yes to the brand because it is me."

Do checkout Plains & Prints newest collections at
My personal favorite is the Berlin Collection :)


You can also checkout the awarding of Plains & Prints winners here:

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Anne Curtis and Plains & Prints is the perfect partner, 
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