Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Cameo

Have you ever been stuck in a position 
wherein you just stare at your closet and say:

I've got nothing to wear! "
(when in fact your closet is full of wardrobe!) 

Well I do. In fact often.
So this post is going to be extra special 
since I will be teaching you how to wear 1 clothing in 2 different ways. 
Creativity is all you need to transform 1 look to another.

Meet my doppelgänger. 
My cameo for life: My twin.

When it comes to fashion, we always get along well.
Back then, our parents would have to buy exactly the same clothes, else we fight.
Now, we just share or if we really like something, we buy both in different colors.
As you can see, we have the same top. Just couldn't resist.
Just for fun, we decided to create 2 looks out of it.

On Sophie: Green Fairy Top from Soigné Clothing 

She went for the Sweet and Sassy look
She paired it up with a mullet skirt, nude heels, striking accessory and a black hat.
More details of her outfit in her blog.

On Me: Purple Fairy Top from Soigné Clothing

I went for the Edgy Chic look.
I paired it with a high-slit asymmetric black skirt 
to have that armed and dangerous vibe.

Add some glam to your outfit by complementing it with
Gold Embellished Accessories from Plains & Prints, Bangles from Forever21
and Black & Gold Pumps from Parisian.

Checkout my poses when my photographer told me to imagine myself endorsing for Chanel.
Not bad for an amateur :))

Bottomline: Always mix and match. Experiment and create different pegs.
It doesn't mean that how people wear it, you ought to follow.
Why not be a trendsetter even for just a day and express your individuality.

Aww, just look at us duo when we saw a cute adorable kitten approaching us.

 I hope you enjoyed the 2 looks! 
Credits to my Photographer Sean Co for the fabulous pictures.
Post-editing done by yours truly.

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