Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In the Spotlight

With the massive rains we are experiencing, I sincerely wish for everyone's safety.
Thank God it's starting to subside. Keep the faith.

It's impossible to take outfit shots at this kind of weather so I'll just do some backtracking.
These photos were taken a month ago. It was already mid-afternoon so my friend Sean brought
 his props along. Thanks to the lighting, I felt like a celebrity for a day :))

So here I am sporting a fun bright colored ensemble. 
My off-shoulder top reminds me of Walt Disney's Princess Jasmine.
I paired it with a skirt bursting with various shapes and colors to exude a hip attitude.

Now off to some details of my ensemble:

Apple Green Off-shoulder Top by Taylor
Psychedelic skirt from Soigné clothing

One easy fashion tip I have for you is to wear bright colors to perk up your mood.
Experiment with different styles and patterns to create a fresh modern look.

Celebrity or not, it's all about power dressing.
Nowadays, power dressing is no longer limited to professionals of business and law. 
Trust me, it should already be incorporated to your daily life.

When you dress up, you command attention. 
Hopefully the kind of attention that would make first impressions last :)



  1. Lovely colors dear. And I love your whole outfit. Kudos!

    Wilma from

    1. hi Wilma! Thanks so much! Do checkout my upcoming posts sweetheart :)
      Checked your blog too. It's awesome. Do follow my blog via Google Friend Connect (click the "Join this Site" to keep yourself posted :)