Friday, October 4, 2013

Lace on Lace

Ola! For my 3rd day in Hong Kong, we decided to make some surprise visit to our relatives.
Since it's more of a private gathering, I'll just share with you what I wore.

Creating a new trend: Lace over lace (why not!)
Looks so fresh like I just woke up from bed.

Since I wanted to look chic yet not too overboard,
I wore this lace top that I got from Soigné Clothing.

I paired it with my lace shorts from Taylor for that fun playful vibe.
Lately, you might have noticed that I have been wearing clothes from this 
online store Soigné Clothing. Aside from the owner being my friend, I patronize her 
clothes because it complements my liking for a sweet feminine look.

I accessorized by wearing this beautiful embellished necklace from Plains & Prints

and with this chic ring that I bought from Europe.

Remember that you can forget all the fashion rules except one.
Wear a smile on your face and
you will look more beautiful as ever.
Tried and tested by yours truly.

Here's a photo of us with grandpa! 
He looks so cute with his formal look.
This can actually serve as a cover for some telenovela, 
with just some minor touchups. (Harhar, just kidding!)

So here are few more photos 

With my twin

Selfie shots inside the taxi

OOTD shots inside the hotel

time for a trio shot

That's about it for now. Stay tuned for my upcoming post.
I think you'll love it.
To all my readers, keep dreaming and keep believing!


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