Saturday, October 12, 2013

Walk with Me

When you're in Hong Kong, expect a lot of walking.
My fashion advice? 
Let go of your heels and say hello to Brogues!

I got my suede shoes from The Carrier Pigeon Project or TCCP for short.
When I heard about this brand and its advocacy, I knew I just had to support it.

Actually not only me, even my twin joined the bandwagon.
TCCP Shoes is available in 4 colors. 
TCCP Classic Light Brown for me and TCCP Classic Red for my sister.

You can also get in in TCCP Classic Gray or Classic Dark Brown.

TCCP, in partnership with World Vision Philippines, is all about Fashion with a Cause.
Imagine every purchase you make contributes to two funds:

Support A Child Program- Feed and Send a child to school
ABK2 Child Labor Project- Construct classrooms and help victims of child labor

What I love about these Brogues is that it's very comfortable.
I wore it the entire day with no fuss at all.

I can easily pair these beauties with jeans, shorts, dresses (you name it!)
And the best part of all? It's handmade by our very own Filipino Sapateros
Now that's Filipino Ingenuity at its finest! 

Fur Vest by Zara   /   Whitewashed Jeans from Taiwan   /   Black Leather Bag from Romwe   
Shades by Eye Channel  /    Cap from R.Lance   /   Brogues from TCCP

So where I wore this ensemble to?
Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

You've gotta ride on of these to get there!
Madame Tussauds is located at Peak Tower in Victoria Peak, Hong Kong.

So excited!

We're Here! Madame Tussauds is a museum of more than a hundred wax figures
of your favorite icons and celebrities.

Get ready to be Starstruck in Madame Tussauds
I won't divulge the names of these people anymore 
because I expect you to know most of them :) 
I'll let the photos do the talking.
They won't be legends for no reason. 

We had fun posing! In fact you can make captions with our poses.

If you come to this place, remember to bring lots of memory storage for your camera!
You will go loco wanting to have photos with all of them.

And yes, a Ramp Model in Hong Kong

What a fun experience! 

Got ourselves little trinkets!

After hours and hours of Photo-Ops, we treated ourselves to a sumptuous lunch!

And oh, before I end this post, I just want to thank that person again 
who found my camera and surrendered it to the Museum. Aside from all my photos 
getting lost, I had some personal files in my camera, so whoever you are, I thank thee. 

Though I might not have seen nor met you,
thanks for being cupid and putting a smile on my face.
I really want to hug you now!
Take care Stranger :)


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