Thursday, October 24, 2013


Parisians in one word? 
That's looking good without exerting too much effort.
So here's my own take on the Parisian look.

As ultimate fashionistas would say, (which I totally agree to) 
"it's not what you wear; it's how you wear it".

RULE #1: Think Elegant and Timeless.
Audrey Hepburn is a testament to that.

RULE #2: Make sure that your ensemble fits your figure.
Don't let trends dictate you on what to wear.

RULE #3: Don't be afraid to wear dark colors.
These shades usually are more classy and are preferred by Parisians.

 I wore this ensemble to Gloria Maris' Chef's Night Event 
entitled Flaming Feast
This is actually the 3rd round of such festivity and my, my, 
the entire banquet experience was great.

In fact, I wouldn't miss it for anything. 
Definitely a First in the Philippines!

So without further ado,
I present to you the Royal Banquet 
and the creations of Gloria Maris' very own Chef Ahwa.

The Waiters Parade
Aww, look at them posing for me! :)

Now, time to be more serious and prim and proper

The gorgeous owner making sure that every detail of the event is set.

Throughout the night, we were serenaded with beautiful songs by the UP Orchestra.
Now that's what you call an amazing dinner banquet.

And now, Time for My 7-course Menu 

Salmon with Shrimp and Potato Wrap Drizzled with Wasabi Mayo Dressing
What a perfect appetizer to tease my palate!

Baked Crabmeat and Shark's Fin in Crab Shell
Definitely my favorite dish! How I wish Gloria Maris serves this during their regular days.

Emperor's Crispy Chicken with Chiu Chow Sauce
I love the burst of flavors. Surprisingly delicious.

Boiled Fookien Soup
Time to clean my palate first before another exquisite dish is served. 

Stuffed Pigeon
An interesting way to serve Pigeon I must say.

Sliced Abalone with Ham & Vegetables
For a healthier me!

And of course what I have been waiting for...
Sizzle Fizzle Sizzle and Voila....

Taro with Hazelnut Filling
A fun-filled dessert! Chewy Hazelnut madness!
An awesome treat to end the night.

We all had loads of fun! Good times with Good Company!
Indeed a night of celebration.

Credits to Gloria Maris for this photo

And of course, to the lovely owner of Gloria Maris, Ms. Candy Uy-Lim, hats off to you!
The event was very successful and I sure hope that there's another round of such festivity.

 Credits to Gloria Maris for this photo

And for my candid photo during the night,
Thanks Gloria Maris for my stolen shot! :)

  Credits to Gloria Maris for this photo

Gloria Maris is by far one of my favorite Chinese Restaurants.
Their dishes are all prepared and served with excellent quality.
No wonder why my family and I even my friends keep on coming back.
In fact, at least once a month we are here. The waiters and staff already know us :)

Hope you enjoyed my post :)

And for those of you who wants to see more of Gloria Maris' creations,
here's another post of mine that you would enjoy 

Until next time!



  1. What a fab evening. You look so elegant! Ang ganda :)

  2. Thanks Kyle :) Appreciate the comment. I checked your site too and love how you put your clothes together! Keep Supporting :)