Thursday, October 31, 2013


Every Girl wants to be the Belle of the ball.
As she enters the room, everyone present gazes at her ethereal beauty.
Oh boy, forgive me, I must be dreaming again... how enchanting this could be.

I call  this look 

To get this Look is really simple:

STEP 1:  Pick a dress with a neutral color like black, white, or beige.
It should be as simple as possible.

In my case, I chose my LBD from Forever21 as my basic piece.

STEP 2:  Choose accessories that can add to your femininity.  
Flower crowns are my favorite. However, if this is too bold for you,
then you could wear a headband, a ribbon or a clip for a sweet look.

STEP 3:  Add Gold Accents
This incredible color is the secret to getting the glam factor.
Just look at the clothes of Greek Goddesses.
One tip to look ethereal without getting overboard.

Boys go GAGA with a girl's smile.
You don't own all the problems in the world,
so once in awhile do what makes you happy.
You owe that to yourself.

Pink Flower Crown and Gold Necklace from Forever21

Shoes from Forever21

LBD from Forever21
Bangles from Forever21

I'm sure you've noticed that everything I'm wearing is from Forever21.
I love this brand because it's a perfect fit to my personality.
Fun, feminine and Stylish;
 Yet extremely Versatile

For the record, this post is by no means sponsored by Forever21.
Hopefully someday, I do get a chance to become one of their brand ambassadors
or at least collaborate with them for any fashion event. 

Big dream I know, but for those of you who are my loyal followers,
I'm sure you know about my Runway Gig. 
It's something I won't forget. An opportunity I'm forever grateful for :) 


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