Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby you're my Firework

While blogging about my outfit for today, a Cover of Katy Perry's Firework was playing in my Ipod.
So explains half of the reason for such title.

I wanted to have a good start this morning so I wore one of my favorite clothes. I don't know if you have experienced this, but there are just some clothes that you yourself can say that you look good on, no matter what your mood for the day is.

Wanting to shoo away the stress I'm feeling lately, this dress is perfect because every time I wear it, I get compliments from friends and even random people that I look fab in it.


For me, fashion is limitless. You can wear anything you want as long as you can carry it well. 
Yes, there are some rules whether you're at work, in school or anywhere out of your comfort zone 
but you could always work within it without exactly bending some principles.

In my case, I believe I look good in feminine dresses especially lace :)
To add some oomph, wear heels but since I have to do so much errands for work,
flats are the better choice.

Look at what the Sun did to my hair. I just love it! Sunkissed. 
One day, I might have my hair colored, so watch out :)

Now, going back to that meaningful lyrics of Firework....

'coz baby you're a firework, 
c'mon show them what you're worth

The song motivates us to not be ashamed of who we are today. 
It's all a matter of time in building ourselves up for the better.

True, so much is expected from us and I do hope that 
someday I will not only make myself proud but as well as my parents.


As they say, Life goes on.... 
One step at a time baby :)

Dress from Tops & Totes
Ring from Regina's

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