Thursday, September 20, 2012


I'm in love.... (Well, not the kind you're thinking)

Have you ever felt that there's something different about yourself but you yourself can't explain what it is? Well, I did one morning. It's rare that such happens so I felt like blogging about it. I guess I woke up to a very good morning, probably because of a good rest or a result of a sweet dream. Whatever it is, I hope there were more days like this.

For my outfit, I just chose something simple for work. Since I felt inspired that morning, I decided to wear red and pair it with skinny jeans. As I've shared, I dress according to my mood. There's just something with red and black that when you combine together, you immediately look fab.

Shades from Cebu
Watch from Tomato

My theology professor once asked our class,
"What's your vocation in life?"
We came up with different answers, but it ended with one simple yet profound answer. 

"To Fall in Love"

Love here not only having that significant other but more of seeing the world as it is.

So be it. I fell in love with the World. 
My world being my family, friends and everyone I have shared a  memory with. 
I guess that's the reason in living. You live because you love and you love because you believe.   

So let's just let life take us where it wants us to be. As they say, things will fall into place, in time :)


  1. This is something i'd wear everyday :D ang cute twinie!!! san sa cebu yung shades? :))

    1. Hi kim! :) I'm glad you like it. I actually forgot the name. It's a small mall where lots of cellphones are being sold. Jas and I went there before, more of a bazaar place :)