Friday, September 28, 2012

Code Red

Imagine this.

Alarm clock rings.....
You slam it and go back to sleep.
After a few minutes, it rings again.
You snooze it once more.
Alarm clock rings the Nth time...
Shit....I overslept.

So you rush to the bathroom to take a quick shower.
The best outfit in my opinion for times like this would be a Wrap-Around dress. It's similar to wearing a bathrobe. Just make sure you tie it well, else guys might drool (*haha, unless that's you're goal*)
Voila, you're good to go!

Dress from The Black Shop

Red is the color of confidence. You can also wear this color in the workplace or during client calls. Be wary though, make sure not to overpower the person you're meeting with. If you want to be on the safer side of things, then pick the traditional: black, white or beige. For those who are more daring, it never hurts to experiment though. Who knows, you might just land an impression, hopefully on the good side :)


  1. yup I've experienced that.

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    1. yep, that's why always have to be ready :) Thanks for following. Sure, I will visit your blog :)